Bli Engagerad

There are several ways to get involved in the SIB. You can either join an existing working group, or you can come to a general meeting and hear about what exists and/or raise your own ideas for a future working group or activity.

Existing working group

If you want to join an existing working group, you can do so simply by posting your interest in the group in its discord channel, and/or by attending a meeting. Each group has one or more coordinators who have primary responsibility for the group. Beyond that, membership in a working group is fluid. Those who attend meetings and are active are also members of the group.

In working groups, you can either get involved in ongoing projects or activities, or suggest something new you think the group should do, either in the group's discord channel or at a meeting. Don't be afraid to share your ideas, new suggestions tend to inspire others in the group!

The general meeting

At the general meeting, there is a briefing of the organization's activities since the previous meeting. Attending the general meeting can therefore be a good way to get an overview of what activities are going on and get a chance to ask any questions. There you can also get help to find an engagement in the organization.

New working group

If you want to start a larger project or a new working group, perhaps even with external activities, you can either first discuss and develop the idea in one of the discord channels, or present it directly at a general meeting. The idea does not have to be developed, the general meeting can serve as a way to kick-start the process. Nevertheless, it is also possible to come to the meeting with a finished concept.

Simple/internal activity

If it is a simple or internal activity you want to organize (discussion round, movie night, hangout, new regular social activity...) the rules are not so strict as long as we follow our Core Values! Write in a channel what you want to do and when, gather feedback if you want, create an event (or get help with it) in discord, and go!