Become a Member

As a member of SIB, you get access to all our activities, a social life with other members on our discord server, and regular member meetings where you can have a say in what the organization does. You can also join our working groups and start new working groups for things you think are particularly important and want us to work on.

Anyone who is non-binary, supports the organization's purpose and approves the remaining statues (document in Swedish) can become a member.

The membership fee is voluntary and the only personal information we ask for is an email address to contact you and a name to call you.

This is how you become a member:

Fill in the form below:
Membership Registration As of now the form is in Swedish. A crude translation: 1) What should we call you? 2) What pronouns do you prefer? 3) What is your email address? 4) What is your name for Facebook (to be added in our Facebook group)? 5) What phone number do you have (for text reminders)? 6) I support the case of promoting equality from a non-binary perspective & I accept the remaining statutes 7) What is your name on Discord (for access to server)?

After submitting the form, you will receive a welcome email containing the link to our discord server. In addition to email, the discord server is our main medium of communication, with the possibility of chat, voice and video calls. You need a discord account to access the server, which you can get for free on the discord website.

Once you are on the server, we will check your membership and then as soon as possible give you access to the entire server with all working groups and channels for chatting, mutual aid, memes, and much more.

See you in the community!