Welcome to Sveriges Ickebinära (abbreviated SIB)

We are an organization for all those whose identity goes beyond the binary gender system. Here, you can have fun with like-minded people, build up your fighting spirit and organize for a less transphobic society.

As a non-binary person you might often feel lonely and disconnected. Through institutionalized transphobia society carries out a type of psychological violence that often results in mental illness and shame. In contrast, SIB's ambition lies in a society that can be defined as equal from a non-binary perspective.

We carry out a variety of activities that aim to include and welcome all our members, whether you are new to the organization or have been a member for a long time. We believe in an inclusive society where differences are respected as an essential part of being human.

Welcome to become a member! Together we can change the binary of society and thus create a better place for all of us.