Our Core Values

Our core values are the fundamental values that we have agreed upon within the organization. We act out of a will to meet our values.

SIB's values can be summarized in three words: democracy, non-normative action and sustainable organizational culture. Below is a brief summary of these.

If you want to read the entirety of the core values, it can be accessed (in Swedish) here.


We strive for a flat hierarchy where we distribute power within the organization evenly. We also aim to equalize knowledge within the organization. No questions are stupid.

Our organizational approach today is a mixture of a classic Swedish "föreningskultur” and sociocracy.

Non-normative Action

We aim to counter the binary cis norm. This means that we do not see any form of expression as having an inherent femininity or masculinity. The words you use, the body you have, or the ways you choose to express yourself are separate from gender identity.

We have an intersectional analysis. Intersectionality is an understanding of the world based on the relationship and interaction between different types of power structures. Non-binary cannot be seen separately from other types of oppression such as racism, ableism, class hatred, age discrimination and sexism.

Sustainable Organizational Culture

The organization strives to create a culture that is healthy, resilient, durable and adaptable. Since change takes a significant amount of time the way we organize ourselves needs to be based on building persistence. We value a 'no' and appreciate the efforts made within the organization. We strive for straightforward and honest communication.