All members are welcome to participate in the SIB's working groups - whether on a regular or occasional basis. Everything the working groups do is online on our discord server. Check out the group's channel or join our meetings and activities online!

Video discussions

Every Monday at 18:00 we meet in a video room on discord and discuss a topic we have chosen together. As of now the video discussions have been in Swedish. Let us know if you’d be interested if it were in another language!

Examples of previous themes are NPF, Dating, Socialization, (How) do we want to avoid new norms when we break old ones, Trans care, What do I miss in the non-binary community, Masculine/Feminine/Androgynous, Non-binary organization, What is safety for me, and What is non-binary.

After the video session, many people tend to stay and hang out. Sometimes it results in a movie night, sometimes in deepening the theme of the week or an idea for the next theme. Come and hang out with us!

Cooperation with other organizations

We are happy to cooperate with other organizations in matters where our objectives overlap or to support each other in pursuing similar goals. SIB wants an intersectional approach within the association as many in the non-binary community are also part of other minorities. If you are involved in another organization or project or if you want to tell us about a possible partner, you are welcome to do so in the group's channel or via email!


(On summer break)

Welcome to the activism group. This group works on practical impact. The standard is low thresholds and high ceilings - everyone is welcome. If you have questions or an idea you want to implement, or a topic you think would be interesting to talk about, come to a meeting or write in our discord channel! So far we have talked about memes and watched a documentary (Lesbian Avengers, do recommend). However, the idea is that we will strive for world domination in the long term. Meetings on Thursdays on odd weeks.


The focus of this working group is everything related to gaming! So far we have played minecraft where we have our own server we meet in, and talked about other games. The potential of this working group is as you hear not fully realized - you can help us with that! Start your own servers in any game you want. Start a League of Legends team because you are a legend SMILE Make the in-game chat in LoL a safe space (we can do it).


The website team has been working on web development for this website. Is our website too easy to hack? Are you missing a button to rain the tears of transphobes? Should our font be changed to Comic Sans? If you want to help create the next version of our premier online outreach platform, this is the working group for you.


This is a working group for discussions on strategies, the future, visions, and future scenarios based on non-binary organizing. Do you have a vision of the future and want to build the road to it? Will it require non-binary organizing on a large scale? Here we both brainstorm and dive deep, e.g. via discussion rounds and workshops.

For a year now, we have been running some strategic workshops on future and scenario design. These are announced on our social media and are free to attend. If you are interested in strategic workshops, you can also contact us (email, discord), the strategy group is happy to arrange something if you are interested!

Social media

Social media manages our instagram and our other social accounts. If you want to fill our feeds with memes, publish interviews, or just share various non-binary projects, this is where you should go. So far, the feeds have mostly been used for information about the organization and its activities. It would have been fun to get a little more personality and emotions into the feeds.


This working group recruits members and makes the SIB more visible, for example through flyers, folders, business cards and stickers. Presence at Pride and similar events is also included here. Maybe you have seen us at NärCon or E-Town Queer Fest?

Graphic profile

This working group has developed our logo (thanks, iso) and is involved in creating our look: colors, document layouts, etc. The group has also been involved in our web design.

International Collaboration

(currently paused, but easy to start via INN's server - more info available in the working group)

This working group seeks contact with foreign non-binary associations and groups. Right now we and German MinaS are building INN (International Nonbinary Network) which will be a network for international organization and exchange. Do you know others we should contact? Tell us in the group's channel.

SIB also has plans to apply for membership in Transgender Europe (TGEU). We hope for many international contacts, lessons learned, and opportunities for collective organizing from TGEU.

Other working groups

We also have internal work to maintain our discord server, manage our files, statutes and governance documents, etc. You'll see all that when you become a member!